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Your Finished Monetas!

Thank you all so much for participating in the Moneta sewalong! I hope you found it helpful, informative and fun, and that you’re all newly emboldened in the world of knits.

And now the fun part – here are some of the many awesome finished Monetas floating around in the Colette Patterns Flickr Pool.

Click through the links above each picture to see them on Flickr. Some have blog posts with more photos!

A pretty floral from Nath Géraux:


The Peter Pan free collar variation on this Moneta by Andrea Verbanic:


Fun with stripes! deuxsouriceaux:


A whole family of cute from BroutherYount:


Love the fabric on bkkmei:


Clever detail with a vintage brooch on the Version 1 collar from Wendy Lloyd:


A great contrasting Tie Collar from the the free variations download on this dress by Tanya:


Skulls and roses! chrichrimano:


Why not make a Moneta sweater like kirsten @ Fiftytwofancies?


Or a maxi Moneta like BrothersYount:


Ummm a metallic Moneta!! From Mary Nease:


Be sure to check out the Colette Patterns Flickr Pool to see all the great Monetas being made.

And don’t forget about the Knitcation Contest. There is still time to enter and there are lots of amazing prizes.

The Moneta Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Moneta Sewalong (39 Comments)
  2. Gather Fabric and Supplies (49 Comments)
  3. Tips for Sewing and Fitting Knits (33 Comments)
  4. Sew the Bodice (all versions) (45 Comments)
  5. Sew and Attach Collar (version 1) (4 Comments)
  6. Install Sleeves and Finish Neckline (versions 2 & 3) (17 Comments)
  7. Sew the Skirt (36 Comments)
  8. Attach Skirt, Hem and Finish (33 Comments)
  9. Your Finished Monetas! (5 Comments)



Love the tie neckline especially! ! Great job ladies! !


The whole family! BrothersYount, you are awesome. But those are all beautiful!

Universally flattering–everyone looks marvelous! Good work ladies :-)


I have just discovered your blogs (I’m a new sewer) and wanted to say thank you.

Something I find daunting is choosing a pattern when I don’t know if the finished object will suit me. Pattern illustrations on models are a nightmare: how can I tell how _I_ would look; I’m 6 feet tall and a bit on the large side, not slim and delicate! Especially as the clothes I’ve been buying in the last couple of years have been shapeless and awful!

Seeing other people’s projects is really encouraging. So many different looks and all these ladies look fantastic in their new dresses.

Time for me to try this ….