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Mabel Sewalong May – June, 2014


Welcome to the Mabel Express Sewalong!

In this sewalong, we’ll be spending just one week sewing through each step to create your very own Mabel knit skirt.

Whether you’re making a mini skirt (version 1), button skirt (version 2), or pencil skirt with kick pleat (version 3), we’ll have you covered. If this is your first time sewing with knits, you’re in luck. Mabel is the perfect starter project, simple to make and extremely useful in your wardrobe.

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The Mabel Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Mabel Express Sewalong (14 Comments)

    Mabel is a quick and easy sew and the perfect introduction to sewing with knits. In this sewalong, we’ll step you through the process quickly while working with stable knits that are easy to handle.

  2. Gather fabric and supplies (45 Comments)

    Today, we’ll talk about what you’ll need to start sewing your Mabel. We’ll cover what type of fabric to look for, how to choose a lining fabric for the waistband, and what supplies you’ll need. You’ll then have some time to shop before we begin the 1-week sewalong.

  3. A primer on sewing with knit fabrics (12 Comments)

    Before we start cutting and sewing, we’ll talk about special techniques you can use for sewing knits, whether you have a serger or not.

  4. Cutting Your Fabric (28 Comments)

    Start by cutting out the fabric for your Mabel, including both the outer fabric and the waistband lining.

  5. Create the waistband (30 Comments)

    Sewing starts today with the waistband. You’ll create a waistband and a waistband lining and begin the first steps of putting together your skirt.

  6. Attach the placket (version 2)

    If you’re creating version 2 of Mabel (with a center faux button placket), today we’ll cover installing that center panel before we move on to finishing the skirt later in the week.

  7. Sew the kick pleat and side panels (version 3) (12 Comments)

    If you’re making version 3 of Mabel, today it’s time to sew the back kick pleat. The kick pleat of this pencil skirt will give you an easier range of movement and it’s easy to sew! We’ll also be attaching the side panels to create the front of the skirt.

  8. Sew the seams, hem, and finish (27 Comments)

    Now you’re ready to finish putting the skirt together. Today, we’re going to sew up the remaining seams, install the waistband, hem, and finish the skirt.