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The Aster Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Aster Sewalong! (16 Comments)

    In this Sewalong, we’ll be making the collarless Aster blouse. Learn to make any of the three versions of this wardrobe classic that works in any season.

  2. Gather fabric and supplies (49 Comments)

    In this lesson, we discuss the various types of fabric you can use to make Aster, and any other supplies you might need.

  3. Cutting and fitting guidelines (50 Comments)

    In this lesson, we’ll go over some general fitting guidelines, including grading between sizes, with more fitting info to come. We’ll also talk about cutting out your fabric and transferring marks.

  4. Bust adjustments (114 Comments)

    Need to make adjustments for a large or small bust? This lesson will show you how easy it is.

  5. Staystitching and Interfacing (10 Comments)

    Today, we’ll get started with our sewing. We’ll begin by applying interfacing where it’s needed, and staystitching to keep edges from stretching as you sew.

  6. Bust darts and shoulder pleats (12 Comments)

    Today, we’ll get started by sewing up the bust darts. We’ll also sew the shoulder pleats on version 2.

  7. Sewing the yoke (33 Comments)

    It’s time to sew the yoke! We’ll break down this sometimes-tricky step with detailed photos.

  8. Sewing the side seams, neckline, and placket (36 Comments)

    Now we’ll move on to sewing the side seams, then finishing the neckline and sewing the front placket. We’ll show you how to sew a bias-faced neckline with a front placket, a technique you can apply to future projects too.

  9. Sewing and setting the sleeves: Version 1 + 3 (6 Comments)

    In this lesson, we’ll be putting together the sleeves. Whether your sewing short sleeves, flutter sleeves, or a long cuffed sleeve, you’ll see exactly how it’s done.

  10. Sewing and setting the sleeves: Version 2 (5 Comments)

    If you’re making version 2 of Aster (long sleeves), the task of sewing the sleeves is probably the most time consuming part of making this blouse. I think you’ll find it less complicated than it looks at first glance, but it does require a bit of precision when you’re folding, pressing, and stitching. Take it …

  11. Hem and finish! (5 Comments)

    Finally, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your Aster blouse!

  12. How to share your finished Aster (24 Comments)

    Now that your Aster is complete, learn how to share it with everyone else! We may include it in our Aster parade coming up.

  13. Your finished Asters! (8 Comments)

    Check out the parade of lovely Asters made by others in this Sewalong.