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Dahlia Sewalong November – December, 2014


Welcome to the Dahlia sewalong!

In this sewalong, we’ll be going step by step through the process of sewing both versions of the Dahlia dress.

Dahlia is a chic and feminine dress for all seasons. Both versions have an inset waist yoke, gathered bodices, flattering skirts and a side zip. Version 1 is great for cooler weather – it features 3/4 length raglan sleeves and a slightly narrower skirt with a back kick pleat. Version 2 is perfect for warmer months or for layering under sweaters – the sleeveless bodice has bias tape straps and the skirt is just a touch more flared.

Dahlia is classic, elegant and shapely, and the range of possibilities is wide depending on your fabric choice. A warm flannel Version 1 would be perfect for a winter workday; a sleek and slinky Version 2 would be fabulous for an evening out. So use your imagination, dream up your Dahlia and come join us in the sewalong!

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The Dahlia Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Dahlia Sewalong! (48 Comments)

    The Dahlia is a flattering and feminine dress for all seasons. Join us in this sewalong to learn how to make this raglan-style dress for cool fall and winter months, or the sleeveless version for spring and summer.

  2. Gather Fabric and Supplies (103 Comments)

    Let’s cover the fabric and other supplies you’ll need for your Dahlia. We’ll also go over some cutting and prepping tips.

  3. General Fit and Cutting (77 Comments)

    In this post we’ll discuss making adjustments for narrow shoulders, height, and grading between sizes. We’ll also go over cutting, marking and all other prep work you need to get ready to start sewing.

  4. Raglan Seam Bust Adjustments (49 Comments)

    We’ll discuss the process for doing full and small bust adjustments on the Dahlia bodice.

  5. Staystitch, Darts and Bodice Gathers (7 Comments)

    Today we’ll get started on our Dahlias by staystitching, sewing the back darts and gathering the bodice.

  6. Shoulder Seams, Side Seams and Yoke (27 Comments)

    The sewing continues with the sleeves/shoulder seams (V1), side seams, and yoke.

  7. Sew and Attach Skirt – V1 (4 Comments)

    In this post, we’ll go over the process for sewing and attaching the skirt if you’re making Version 1.

  8. Sew and Attach Skirt – V2

    In this post, we’ll go over the process for sewing and attaching the skirt if you’re making Version 2.

  9. Install Zipper (16 Comments)

    We’ll go over the full process of installing an invisible zipper in the side seam of your Dahlia.

  10. Finish Sleeves and Neckline – V1 (7 Comments)

    For those making Version 1, we’ll be covering using bias tape to finish the sleeves and the neckline.

  11. Neckline and Straps – V2 (4 Comments)

    For those making Version 2, we’ll be using bias tape to finish the neckline and create the shoulder straps.

  12. Hem and Finish (10 Comments)

    It’s time to wrap things up with hemming and finishing.

  13. Your Finished Dahlias! (15 Comments)

    Let’s see what kinds of Dahlias everyone dreamed up with a parade post of your finished dresses!