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Your Completed Clover Projects

Hi there! How’s your Clover coming along?

If you need a bit of motivation for to finish up your Clovers, just take a look at what some of the Colette readers have been up to! There are so many great ideas floating around in the Flickr group. And if you need any fitting help, take a look at all the fitting posts we put together.

by sallieoh

by Susan

by miss.temple

by pricklypearcactuscandy

The Clover Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Clover Sewalong! (34 Comments)
  2. Making your muslin (14 Comments)
  3. Large or Small Waist Adjustment (10 Comments)
  4. Full or Flat Belly Adjustment (19 Comments)
  5. Lengthen or Shorten the torso (13 Comments)
  6. Wide or Narrow Hip Adjustments (6 Comments)
  7. Full or Flat Butt Adjustments (23 Comments)
  8. Swayback adjustment (11 Comments)
  9. Large calf adjustments (2 Comments)
  10. Large or Thin Leg Adjustments (16 Comments)
  11. Seam Finishes (1 Comment)
  12. Lining and underlining (14 Comments)
  13. Getting started with pockets and darts (1 Comment)
  14. Assembling the legs (2 Comments)
  15. Waistband and pocket (14 Comments)
  16. Your Completed Clover Projects (11 Comments)


I adore the first photo (and completely love all the others too)! sallieoh has styled her Clover in such a modern way, which is just wonderful to see. I’m excited to hop on over to the forum and see what’s been posted!

Thanks for posting my Clovers!! I’m so incredibly flattered! I have a feeling that the Clover pattern will be my go-to when it comes to pants. Thanks for making such a nice, versatile pattern.


They are all so great. The yellow ones really catch my eye, and the first pair are my favorite. Her styling makes me want to buy the pattern.

Susan – Knitters Delight |

I wore one of my clovers today! Love how versatile this pattern is and easy to sew.


These are all fantastic. My Clover pattern has finally arrived, I can’t wait to get started!

Oh my goodness, those trousers look super! And it’s awesome to see how they’d fit on some women with curves. That was my hesitation in joining the sew along. I usually have to do a swayback adjustment, waist to hip changes, etc. but all these ladies look great in their Clovers…
((looks in fabric stash to join in))

Miss Crayola Creepy |

They all look great!

Oh I am so honoured that you show my Clovers. The pattern was so great to sew.

susan is driving me crazy with all her clovers! what is she up to now – 5? 6? GIRL come over here & help me finish my adjustments so i can churn out as many as you have! haha!!

i think i’m one adjustment away from perfecting my muslin. i still have a little bit of excess in the front crotch. i just got a bit burned out on clover muslins, not to mention my machine was in the shop for the past week (and my back-up doesn’t handle fabric with stretch too well). i am going to try to finish them on my vacation next week!

Susan – Knitters Delight |

Yup, I’ve completed five and have plans for two more. I took 3/4″ off the front and back at the crotch line to remove the excess. That did the trick for me. Hope that helps.

Seraphinalina |

Wow, those all look fabulous. Nice work ladies!