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How To Install Jiffy Rivets


Special note: Rachel is moving on from the CP blog, and this marks her final post for us. Thanks to Rachel for all of her contributions in the last months. – Sarai

Today, we’re going to cover installing jiffy rivets on your Cooper bag.

We will be using a Cooper satchel in our example, but this same method is used whenever you’re installing jiffy rivets.


Step 1: Transfer rivet markings to right side of fabric.


Step 2: With the right side of the flap (C) facing you, use an awl to pierce both markings on each of the flap straps (K). You will need to pierce through every layer of fabric.


Step 3: Push the male side of the rivet through the hole you created.


Step 4: Turn the flap over so the wrong side is facing up, and place the female side of the rivet over the male side.


Step 5: To join securely, gently tap the female side with a mallet. Be sure to tap GENTLY, so you don’t crush or bend the rivet. If it seems like it’s not in all the way, just continue repeatedly tapping.


Step 6: Repeat for remaining rivets.

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