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Your Sorbettos!

It’s been such a pleasure walking you through sewing your perfect Sorbetto. Making adjustments and learning new techniques takes time and practice. If you do have any questions going forward, feel free to contact us. Without further ado, the Sorbetto parade!

Haley’s Version Two Sorbetto

Haley’s Version Three Sorbetto

Your Sorbettos

clockwise from top left: @moremusings, @snarkybeagle, @wendyg52, @mrscarmenfox

clockwise from top left: @oceanwilldecide,@katrynarae, @katherinesopes, @suzeesews

clockwise from left: @cathoutricote, @dgomagpie, @sweetshardxo

Thank you all for your participation in the New Sorbetto sewalong! See you soon!

The Sorbetto Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Sorbetto Sewalong (25 Comments)
  2. Gather Fabric and Supplies (24 Comments)
  3. Basic Fit Adjustments (17 Comments)
  4. Bust Adjustments (41 Comments)
  5. Making a Muslin (35 Comments)
  6. Shoulder and Sleeve Adjustments (12 Comments)
  7. Front Bodice Adjustments (12 Comments)
  8. Cutting and Prep (2 Comments)
  9. Assemble Bodice (5 Comments)
  10. Sleeves and Bias Finishing (10 Comments)
  11. Hems (11 Comments)
  12. Your Sorbettos! (5 Comments)



So beautiful! Love, love the uniqueness of each of these Sorbettos!


I’m just now getting around to the new sorbetto pattern. I had something else that I had to finish first. Anyways, I do not understand these new blocks. Is there an explanation on it somewhere? I printed out the 16 and the 18. I made a muslin in the 18 and I just had to sew up 2 inches from the back. The front seems to be ok. I’m just wondering if maybe I should have gone with the 16.

Katie Whittle |

Hey Stephanie, You can find an explanation of the new split sizing our help site. When it comes to your sizing, I would need to see your measurements and a photo of the fit problem to properly give you advice on what to do next. You are welcome to send that information to


How kind of you,not only do you provide a free download of this top, but also the instructions to sew and fit it correctly! THANKS a MILLION!