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Hawthorn Sewalong June – August, 2013


Are you ready to make Hawthorn together?

This is going to be a fun one. Together over the next few weeks, we’ll be making Hawthorn. Then to wrap it up, we’ll choose several favorites for you to vote on (similar to the Readers’ Choice portion of the Laurel contest), with prizes from Colette Patterns and Hart’s Fabric.

Quick note: A few customers alerted us to a couple typos / bits of errata in some of the early digital patterns, which have been fixed. If you’re using the digital pattern, I encourage you to log into your account at and download the updated version. This just applies to the digital pattern.

Let’s dive into the details, shall we?

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Before you begin

  • →   Buy your pattern
  • →   Pick your fabric (and pre-treat if it might bleed)
  • →   Review instructions

The Hawthorn Sewalong

  1. Announcing the Hawthorn Sewalong & Contest (53 Comments)

    Hawthorn is a gorgeous shirtdress in a simple 1950s style that works on a variety of body types. Learn to fit and sew the Hawthorn dress (or the peplum top version). You’ll learn all about creating cuffs, binding with bias tape in a circle, and more.

  2. Full and Small Bust Adjustments (52 Comments)

    If you are larger than a D cup you may want to perform the Full Bust Adjustment, though we have provided a good amount of ease in Hawthorn. The FBA adds extra ease in the bust, which prevents the fabric from stretching horizontally. To determine how much fullness you need to add, cut your muslin …

  3. FBA Bonus: Splitting the Dart (15 Comments)

    As you may have noticed in our Full Bust Adjustment tutorial yesterday, adding ease inside the dart prevents the addition of width in the waistline, but it can also lead to an excess of dart pick-up. Dart pick-up is the fabric that gets encased inside of the legs of the dart. More dart pick-up means …

  4. Wide or Narrow Shoulder Adjustment (42 Comments)

    For our next Hawthorn alteration tutorial we are breaking down the wide/narrow shoulder adjustment. I wanted to include this one because the shirtdress style is all about striking a balance between a masculine tailored look on top and a feminine flow on bottom. With that in mind, it is important that the cap of the …

  5. Fitting the cuffs (12 Comments)

    We have one more quick adjustment you can do with your Hawthorn before you start sewing. This one is really easy, but can make a big difference in your comfort. We’re going to adjust the cuff, so it’s exactly as snug as you want it. First, cut out your cuff pieces and mark the button …

  6. Interfacing, Staystitching, Darts, and Shoulders (22 Comments)

    Happy Monday, Sew-Alongers! Are you ready to get started with some Hawthorn sewing? If you’ve finished your fittings and cut your interfacing and final fabric, the answer is, “Yes!” Today, I will walk you through attaching your interfacings and beginning to assemble the bodice. Here is our full checklist to get you caught up: Iron …

  7. Collar, Facing, and Side Seams (13 Comments)

    Today is when things get exciting! At the end of this section you will see what the bodice of your Hawthorn looks like. Here is a list of what we will be covering today: Create the Collar Join Collar to Bodice Sew the Facing Installing the Facing Stitch Side Seams

  8. Attaching the Skirt or Peplum (10 Comments)

    Today we will attach the skirt or the peplum. The steps are the same regardless of which version you are sewing, so follow along. Here is our checklist for the day: Apply interfacing. Staystitch the skirt. Sew the skirt. Attach skirt to bodice. Finish the facings. Edgestitch along the front. Apply Interfacing 1. Apply the skirt …

  9. Hawthorn Version 1, Short Sleeve (9 Comments)

    Today I am going to add the Version 1 Short Sleeve to my dress. Normally, I am more of a sleeveless kinda gal, but when I picked out my seersucker I got really excited about the bias cut short sleeve cuff and I decided I’d mix and match. Follow along if you’re making short sleeves …

  10. Hawthorn Version 2, 3/4 Length Sleeve (20 Comments)

    This is going to be a long post, but I promise that making a cuff and placket like this is not NEARLY as hard as it looks. Take a deep breath, get that iron warmed up, and just relax into it. After you’ve been through this process once, you will be stunned at how easy …

  11. Hawthorn Version 3, Armhole (13 Comments)

    Today, I’m going to show you how to sew bias tape in a circle. I’m making the sleeveless version of Hawthorn, and since we’ve already covered the short sleeve and the 3/4 length sleeve, I’ll be showing the sleeveless variation, which I’m making in this gorgeous silk/cotton Marc Jacobs fabric. So, whether or not you’re …

  12. Closures, Hem, and Finishing (11 Comments)

    We’re in the home stretch of our Sew-Along! Soon, we will all be waltzing around town in our swooshy skirted, sleekly buttoned dresses and blouses. But not until we finish these two final tasks: Day 11 Checklist Create Buttonholes Attach Buttons Attach Hook and Eye Handsew Hem

  13. Hawthorn Parade: Vote for your favorites! (36 Comments)

    We have some beautiful Hawthorns for you to peruse and vote on today! As with our Laurel contest, I wish I could post everyone’s creations here. Please do take a look at the Colette Patterns Flickr group if you get a chance! If you need a reminder about the prizes, take a look at the …

  14. Hawthorn Parade Part Two: Vote for your favorites! (29 Comments)

    We are just as thrilled as you to be featuring another 20 Hawthorns today! We’re sorry again about the confusion on the deadline, but I guess posting more was just meant to be, because you’ve all created some amazing garments! And believe it or not, there are even more fabulous Hawthorns to see over at the …

  15. Hawthorn Contest Winners! (15 Comments)

    Your votes are in! The margins were tight, but we’ve got the final three winners of our Hawthorn Sewing Contest: Grand Prize Winner With her stunning color combination and unique modifications, it is no surprise that Shona’s Sweet Mint dress was a strong contender. So dreamy! Second Place Winners Lauren’s Cherry dress is is sassy …

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