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Hawthorn Parade: Vote for your favorites!


We have some beautiful Hawthorns for you to peruse and vote on today!

As with our Laurel contest, I wish I could post everyone’s creations here. Please do take a look at the Colette Patterns Flickr group if you get a chance!

If you need a reminder about the prizes, take a look at the sew-along and contest announcement. The grand prize winner will get $250 to spend at Hart’s Fabrics (yay!), along with a selection of Amy Butler fabrics. Two second place winners will win $50 to spend on Colette Patterns and a selection of Amy Butler fabrics along with one of her lovely handbag patterns.

Choose 5 favorites

Once again, we are going to use instant runoff voting to choose the winners, which will both make this more fair and allow you to choose more than one favorite.

  1. Take a look at the entries below.
  2. Choose five favorites.
  3. Click the link for the voting form and rank your top five, in order of preference (first should be your most favorite, second is your second most favorite, etc).

We’ll then use the instant runoff method to tally the votes.

The winners will be announced on Friday, so please vote by midnight Pacific on July 31.

ETA: Apparently, there was a lot of confusion about the entry deadline. Therefore, we’re going to have a second round of voting on Thursday, so if you haven’t posted yet, get yours up by noon PST Wednesday to enter for round 2!

The contestants



cathy w:


lisa g:




Erika Jeane:


Sara and Bitty:








Sparrow Kelley




Tinie Le:








A Stitching Odyssey:










All set? Did you choose your top 5?

Then cast your vote!

The Hawthorn Sewalong

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  3. FBA Bonus: Splitting the Dart (15 Comments)
  4. Wide or Narrow Shoulder Adjustment (42 Comments)
  5. Fitting the cuffs (12 Comments)
  6. Interfacing, Staystitching, Darts, and Shoulders (22 Comments)
  7. Collar, Facing, and Side Seams (13 Comments)
  8. Attaching the Skirt or Peplum (10 Comments)
  9. Hawthorn Version 1, Short Sleeve (9 Comments)
  10. Hawthorn Version 2, 3/4 Length Sleeve (20 Comments)
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nobutterfly |

Oh, I’m too late, I thought I had until today to enter. Still have to pick buttons and sew the hem.


Oh noh! I havent posted pictures of mine yet! Am I to late? Can I post them whitin 3-4 hours and still make it??????


The original post about the contest was very unclear about the deadline. It seems like pretty much all the dresses in the runoff were among those posted before yesterday. Not that they aren’t lovely, but it makes it seem like a lot of others weren’t even considered. Not to be salty, but next time it would be nice to have clearer information about when pictures must be posted by.

I agree…. the dates and times should have been stated in the sewalong contest announcement. One would think that they would have until the end of July to post photos.

zilredloh |

I completely agree and have to imagine everyone (like myself) who posted yesterday assumed we were all in consideration for the parade and contest and are quite let down. It’s really quite a shame…

I’d never want to diminish the lovely dresses & sewists that have been posted since their creations are all really pretty. Cheers to all of the dresses on parade!

Booo…I just put my pictures up :(


I had the same heartbreak that I think you all had. I thought the deadline would be last nit midnight. I was crushed when I finished and realized it was too late. But I still have a fabulous dress and I’m proud of my work.

Lomeraniel’s photo is coming up as private, which is a shame, because I’d love to find out more about her make. I don’t know if that’s something you can do anything about (apart from telling her “if you want votes, free up your photo!”).

Aimee |

ah, I’m so sad. I got my muslin done but life got in the way of me completing my dress before the end of the sew a long. :( Lovely completed dresses though!

Guess I didn’t post my pictures correctly. On another note, all the dresses are wonderful and it is going to be hard to narrow it down to five! Very nice dresses ladies!

Congrats ladies, all these dresses are really beautiful!

boo too! i thought posting the finish hawthorn yesterday will still make it in. if that was the case, why not stated it clearly on the timeline? anyhow, congrats to all the ladies who made it in! they all look lovely!!

Seattle rain

Like previous commenters, I am bummed to not be able to submit my Hawthorns! I also thought that I had until midnight 7/29 to get on Flickr. Boo

Seattle rain

Wanted to add, Love all the dresses that I’m seeing, even if they didn’t make today’s roundup,


I can’t find lladybird (last entry) on the voting form.


Oh no I was taking my pictures to submit today. I also thought we had until the end of July to enter.


I hope the Coletterie will reconsider the duedate….

Sewsewcial killed it again!

zilredloh |

As soon as I saw her’s today I swooned! Her hawthorn is so lovely.


Thank you so much! I love this pattern!


Just thought I’d let you know that after I had made selections, some of the drop-down buttons didn’t show the choice I made, (it was blank with no name), and also wouldn’t let me re-select my choice. There may be a bug in the form.

You guys:

1. The Hawthorn Sew-along post that contains all the contest details did say that voting would be today. Therefore, you’d need to post before today.

2. It also says that you are voting on just 20 of the versions posted. I spent the weekend (saturday and sunday) choosing some for voting.

However, since there were MANY I wanted to choose and couldn’t, and because there clearly was a lot of confusion about the exact deadline (which I see now should have been clearer), let’s do this: I’ll compile a second round for voting on Thursday. That gives you until Wednesday (let’s make it noon PST) to post your finished version. With the voting method we’re using, it’ll be easy to compile all the votes together.

How’s that?


I don’t have a dress to enter – but I’m glad that you’re amending the plan and allowing us to vote on some more garments this week. I’ve seen great stuff pop up on Flickr in addition to the beauties here.


Thank you for your accommodation! I’m just a voter this time, but I’ve really enjoyed the entries so far, and I’m looking forward to more coming. :)

Don’t get me wrong, the dresses in the parade are beautiful and all deserving to be there, but it is disappointing that the rules were unclear and now so many people feel left out.

Lianne (licastra)

Super happy to have made it into the first group of finalists!! Huge thanks, and gorgeous work tout le monde!


These finished garments look amazing! So many creative ideas!

I’m thrilled for my dress to be in the first round of voting. There are so many beautiful dresses on the flickr group. Good luck to everyone. x (indiaeden)

Thank you so much for picking my dress to be in the voting, I can’t believe it! Every single version I’ve seen has been gorgeous, it must have been really hard narrowing it down. Anyway, Good Luck everyone!

So excited my dress made the cut. I love this pattern and already have plans for a Fall version. I am curious how to two rounds of voting will work. How many more dresses will be chosen? Will the best of both rounds be combined for a final round of voting? There are some seriously gorgeous dresses in the Flickr group.

These entries are all so beautiful, it’s hard to choose!
I’m looking forward to the second round!


Voted! That was hard – there were 7 I really wanted to vote for, lol. Love all the creativity.

I’m still about a week behind on mine. My second muslin took longer (mostly the thinking, lol) than expected. And I’m still conflicted about the collar – so I’m drafting a removable one, lol. The dress by lomeraniel inspired me to add some hand embroidery (from the flickr group where she got her bird) to my collar. But my skills aren’t quite as good as hers, and I’m not sure it’s good enough to attach to the dress! (At least if I want to wear it in public.)

cathy |

yay! thank you sarai, and excited to see round 2! your contests/sewalongs/pattern releases/snippets have helped time FLY for me while living abroad


Lovely to see these dresses – lots of inspiration for a beginner! Well done to all contestants and good luck!


Participants our creations are lovely. The Hawthorn silhouette and lines looks great on everyone.