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Hawthorn Parade Part Two: Vote for your favorites!


We are just as thrilled as you to be featuring another 20 Hawthorns today! We’re sorry again about the confusion on the deadline, but I guess posting more was just meant to be, because you’ve all created some amazing garments!

And believe it or not, there are even more fabulous Hawthorns to see over at the Colette Patterns Flickr group.

One grand prize winner and two second prize winners will be chosen from the total 40 contestants. Vote for your top 5 favorites from each group of 20. Our instant run off voting system will generate the winners automatically. Even though you get to vote in both rounds, all contestants will be competing against each other for the most votes.

If you need a reminder about the prizes, take a look at the sew-along and contest announcement. The  grand prize winner gets $250 to spend at Hart’s Fabrics (yay!), along with a selection of Amy Butler fabrics. Two second place winners will win $50 to spend on Colette Patterns and a selection of Amy Butler fabrics along with one of her lovely handbag patterns.

Choose 5 favorites

Once again, we are going to use instant runoff voting to choose the winners, which will both make this more fair and allow you to choose more than one favorite.

  1. Take a look at the entries below.
  2. Choose five favorites for this round.
  3. Click the link for the voting form and rank your top five, in order of preference (first should be your most favorite, second is your second most favorite, etc).

We’ll then use the instant runoff method to tally the votes.

The winners will be announced Monday to give everyone enough time, so please vote by midnight Pacific Sunday, August 4.

The contestants

1. idreamin42colours:


2. Dobleufa:


3. Emmajeffery123:


4. zilredloh:



5. melonielee:


6. DapperDuds :


7. Miss Crayola Creepy:


8. emmakatherine:


9. SoSewSewn:



10. justsewtherapeutic:


11. meleliza :


12. Shona Tomberlin :


13. melissaormonde:


14. ks.gentry:


15. onebigthing:


16. sewsewcial:


17. Trollemor:


18. milena.pagan:


19. atrairis:


20. MarrieB:



Go ahead and vote!

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This is very exciting! I knew I had missed the deadline when I posted mine, but I guess it was fate :-)

Please vote for me!


I’m so excited to see my Hawthorn on parade!!! And I’m happy to see some of my other favorites on here as well :) Good luck, everyone!

Caroline Côté |

Shona Tomberlin version is absolutely gorgeous! I love the sheer fabric, the neckline, the use of contrast and the color ; moreover, she rocks it!

All those versions made me rethink my aversion of shirt dress, probably fueled by RTW always gaping at the bust… Thanks again Colette Pattern!

I am so honored to be part of this next round of awesome Hawthorns. There are so many lovely submissions! I am proud to be in the ranks.


All beautyful!!! Dobleufa and Atrairis are my favorites <3

zilredloh |

There are soo many pretty Hawthorn dresses, I had a hard time picking only 5.

How wonderful to be included with so many other lovely seamstresses, thanks Sarai.


I love the gorgeous detailing on yours Zilredloh. The piping and buttons are so pretty!

Yours is gorgeous. I can’t even think about sewing that many buttons!


Can we hear it for WOVENS!!! These are just beautiful!


All the dresses are lovely, but I am partial to No. 11 Meleliza!!

Now you have really made it hard. More Hawthorns to covet! They are all spectacular!


Oh, I’m so delighted to be included! And in such illustrious company. I’ve never worn a shirtdress before as I hadn’t ever found one that was flattering, but this was a joy both to make and wear. Looking forward to many more versions.


I was very lukewarm on this pattern (like you, I’d never really found a shirtdress that spoke to me) until the parade of Hawthorns. Everyone looks so comfortable in–and flattered by–their dresses, I may have to make this pattern after all!

Betty Jordan Wester |

wow! idreamin42colours’s dress is beautiful!

Everyone looks so great in this dress (and blouses)! It really is a fabulous pattern, and is one of the most comfortable dresses I own. Thanks for including me in the parade, such a nice surprise this morning. :)

Like some others have mentioned, I have NEVER worn/bought/made a shirt dress before because I’ve never found one that’s flattering or fits well…until now! I really love this pattern and I love my new dress. I’m so honored to be alongside such talented ladies in this parade. Thanks for the sew along. It has been a lot of fun!

So pleased and honoured to be included among such fabulous dresses, they are all so inspiring. This was my most adventurous sewing project so far and the first time I have taken part in a sew along. Thank you so much, it’s really encouraging!

But I like so many of them for so many different reasons . . . .


oh my! it’s my first sew-along, i’m so happy to be here! so many wonderful dresses with great details :)


dobleufa is asking all her twitter followers to vote for her, saying that in exchange she will post some nice tutorials on her blog. chances are that other contestants are also asking their friends/followers to vote for them, but the thing is, this is not a popularity contest, the winners should be chosen based on who made the nicer dresses.

zilredloh |

Hmmm… I have to admit, I tweeted about mine this morning because I was excited I was included in the second round. But also, the only people who follow me are fellow seamstresses who most likely frequent Coletterie anyhow.

But I couldn’t agree more… it’s not a popularity contest and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t remove my twitter post as a result. Technology can be so tricky at times.

Rachel |

Well, we can’t really regulate what people choose to do on their own social media networks. This contest wasn’t meant to be a huge deal, we just wanted you all to have fun.

And I think if contestants want to announce their nominations to their followers (like zilredloh did) that is great. You should all take pride in you accomplishments and feel comfortable sharing them.

Hi! I´m Noe, from Dobleufa. I was kidding about the tutorials . I always publish tutorials in my blog, my readers know that I´m not going to reward them if they vote for me :)
I sew what I like (mostly quilts and crafts but also clothing) and, as the rest of you, was very exited to be included in the contest so I posted it in all my social networks.
I think that the objective of these kind of contests is to make Colette known to new people and letting my readers know about it seemed like a good idea. Again, it may have sounded awful literally translated to english but, in spanish and to my readers, it was clear that it was just a joke.
If the Colette girls think what I posted is disqualifying, then I´ll remove my posts :(

Have a lovely day everyone!


Rachel |

You’re not at all disqualified my dear, you are all free to do as you please. We just want everyone to have fun!

First comment here: I am relatively new to the word of sewing. Well, I did a lot over 20 years ago and was inspired earlier this year to start again.

I didn’t enter or vote but these dresses are beautiful. I am very tempted to buy the pattern.

Where will we find the photos of the winner?


I am absolutely blown away by the beauty and variety of the Hawthorne pattern. Really, if some people wonder “Why do other people bother with sewing?”, this would be the answer. What creativity! What fulfillment each one of these lovely ladies must feel! Congrats to them all!

But I have one question. On some of the ladies, the dress seems to sit at the natural waistline. On some, the waistline of the dress seemed to sit slightly above the natural waist. Did someone alter the pattern, or is that just the natural variation from person to person.

I regret that I am, at present, a little too large for the Hawthorn pattern. I guess that’s just another reason I should shed a few pounds.

Again, thanks for posting these lovely, inspiring pictures. And, thanks to the sewers who shared them.

Rachel |

The pattern is drafted to hit your natural waist. That said, every body is different, and many people like to adjust the waistline to sit where they find it to be the most comfortable and flattering.

Voto por 2. Dobleufa