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Announcing the Rooibos Sewalong!

Get ready for our first Rooibos Sewalong, starting next week!

The Rooibos dress is one of my favorites. It has a very flattering and fitted shape, but a nice short length gives it more of a 60s vibe. The magic is, of course, in the details: The pretty scalloped pockets and the tiny little contrasting collar.

Aside from that, I chose Rooibos because it’s a great transitional piece. You can make it in cotton or linen for the current summer temperatures, or try wool for a warm Fall dress you can wear with cardigans and tights.

Skill Level

I would rate the sewalong as advanced beginner to intermediate.

This pattern is rated as intermediate, but if you follow the sewalong, I think just about anyone can make this. We’ll go over the more challenging parts of the construction together: fitting, sewing curved seams, the all-in-one facing technique, and pockets. We’ll also talk about basics like hemming and finishing.


If you’d like to join up, here’s a button for your blog! You can simply copy and paste the code below to add it.

<a href="/rooibos"><img src="//" width="150" height="150" alt="Colette Patterns Rooibos Sewalong" title="Join the Colette Patterns Rooibos Sewalong" /></a>

I can’t wait to get started! Next, I’ll show you the fabric I’ll be using and we can talk fabric choices. So go ahead and buy the Rooibos pattern with your discount, and we’ll get started soon!

The Rooibos Sewalong

  1. Announcing the Rooibos Sewalong! (42 Comments)
  2. Design details and inspiration (17 Comments)
  3. Choosing Fabric and Interfacing (20 Comments)
  4. My fabric choice (15 Comments)
  5. Making Your Muslin (19 Comments)
  6. Rooibos Full Bust Adjustment (17 Comments)
  7. Rooibos Small Bust Adjustment (11 Comments)
  8. Grading for larger hips (5 Comments)
  9. Curved seams and finishes (21 Comments)
  10. All-in-one facing and piping (15 Comments)
  11. Sewing the pockets (9 Comments)
  12. Finishing and Hemming (5 Comments)
  13. My completed dress! (29 Comments)
  14. Your Rooibos projects (5 Comments)


OO OOO! I just ordered a nice dark purple cotton twill for this very pattern! I chose purple cause it will go with the black velvet bolero I want to make for winter. *happy dance*

Oh, exciting!

One small thing though, the webshop is giving me a “ROOIBOSAUGUST is not a valid code” notification :S


Yay! I’m so excited! I too am getting that ROOIBOSAUGUST is not valid at checkout. I’ll try a back little later. Thanks for doing this sew along!


I had the same problem – ROOIBOSAUGUST is not a valid code.


I was just wondering if the sewalong will cover adjustements for people with less than 33” in the bust area ??

Hi Delphine… we’ll be covering both full bust and small bust adjustments!

Oh goody! I’m definitely going to need an SBA. Which is one of the reasons I haven’t dived into sewing Colette patterns yet. Looking forward to this!

Oh what a great news, I´ve just purchased this pattern last week (I think the pattern was shipped on 18th July). I hope it arrives in time for this!


Hello! I also tried to order the pattern but the code was not valid. I have a few questions. I hope you can help.
Is the sewalong free – minus the cost of pattern, fabric, etc?
Is there a time we log in or is there a video?
How do these work?

I am brand new so please forgive me if I have asked questions most of you would know. I look forward to doing this!

Also, I registered in the forum but can’t figure out how to reply to a post! Honestly I am a smart person! lol



OK, I figured out how to reply in the forum! ;)

Hi Danielle. We fixed the problem with the code, sorry about that!

Yes, the sewalong is free. We’ll be posting it all here on the blog! You can follow at your own pace as we do posts on each aspect of making the dress. We’ll post a couple times a week for about 3-4 weeks.


Sorry for the trouble with the discount code, everyone. The ROOIBOSAUGUST code is now working correctly so if you try your orders again, you should see the discount applied.

How exciting! I really want to make this dress, and though I’m not sure if I will be able to follow along at the time (too many other scheduled projects – but I will really try and fit it in), it’s great to know I can go through the sew along posts when I do get round to it. Thanks!

So excited for the first sew-along! I’ve had this pattern for a while, and now let’s hope I can find the perfect fabric in my stash. I might complete the last few steps early/on my own, if I’m going to bring it on vacation :)

Scruffybadger |

Brilliant news! I have had Rooibos for a couple of months now & this will be what I need to get started. Very happy Badger!

This just made my day! Cannot wait to start!


I JUST bought the Roobios with my survey discount, and I’m thrilled you’ll be doing a sew-along. Alas, I’ll have to come back and sew-along all by myself next year…unless you can include “maternity alterations” in your advice! But thank you all the same; I can’t wait!

Ruth Nakamarra


I too would love to see some maternity adjustments if possible?! A close friend of mine is expecting her first baby, and we live in quite a remote part of Australia – and there is a complete dearth of lovely maternity clothes! A big-bellied Rooibos would cheer her up no end :)


Ooh! I would love to join in the sew along. I have the rooibos pattern. I will dig through my stash to find the right fabric. Currently I’m waiting for the pieces of my oolong dress to stretch out so I can sew them together.

Angelina S.

Sooo, I dunno if you’ll be able to answer this, but maybe someone here can guide me. I’ve got about a 10″ difference between my waist and my hips and usually wear more full skirted things because of it. I’m still learning to sew and learning what is flattering on me; do you think this style would be flattering on a big hipped girl?

Absolutely! I definitely think it would be. There will be lots of help for fitting issues like that along the way. :)

Angelina S.

Thank you for replying! I will try it out!

Yep! And we’ll be covering a large hip adjustment for sure.

Angelina S.

Hell yeah! That will be great. Bought my pattern!

I’m so excited about joinging in this sewalong, I can’t wait! This will be my first time using one of your patterns.

It’s great that you’re starting to do sew-alongs, I’m very excited for them. Sadly a weeks notice is not long enough for me to be able to do this one – for example it’d take over a week for the pattern to be shipped to Australia. Is there any chance you can give us some more notice of the next one to improve my chances of being able to join in?

Rachel, it’s actually over two weeks notice. If you look at the schedule at the top, we won’t cover anything sewing-related until 8/09.

Also, you might check out our stockists’ page and see if a retailer in Australia could ship it to you faster!


I am looking forward to participating in this sew along. I did a lot of heirloom sewing for my girls when they were little – almost 20 years ago. Now it’s time to sew for me! I tries the discount code today, and it still says invalid. Is anyone else still having trouble?

Hi Catherine… it seems to be working, as far as I can tell. Can you verify that you’re entering it exactly as shown (all caps, etc), and that you have the Rooibos pattern in your cart?

If you’re still having problems, can you just visit our contact page and let us know exactly what’s going on?

Sara @ Sew Sweetness |

I’m really excited! I think I’m going to do 2 different dresses. I saw that someone in the flickr group (the blog Stitchy Witch) made one with a poplin, so I’m hoping that type of fabric will work out okay.

Tiffany W

I am looking forward to the sewalong. I will need to pick up the pattern. I had just placed my order for the Oolong and Macroon. Oh well, more patterns, more dresses for me is always a good thing!

Hi, I am trying to do a ‘fabric’ plan ahead, which just mean that I want to order fabric online. I love in Madrid, and maybe ordering some nice fabric from the US, I was wondering if Silk Charmeuse (or maybe polyester charmeuse…) fabric would be suitable for this? It is not on the recommended fabric list on the pattern. Thanks :)

I think charmeuse might be a little light and drapey for this style. You’ll want a fabric that has some body, to maintain the crispness since it’s a pretty tailored style.

I am in. I was so happy when I saw this sewalong. This would be first sewalong which I am participating. I am going to sew along with you, but I will do pattern myself. So it would be my version of Rooibos dress. I will have vacation on august and litle trip, but I hope that I manage some hove.

Exciting! I have not done a Sewalong before and have been in a bit of a sewing rut. Perhaps this will get my Husqvarna purring again. I ordered my pattern on Monday – I hope it arrives on time.

I am having trouble adding the button to my blog. Help….

Can you describe the problem you’re having?


Just discovered your blog and your patterns and fell in love with both. I’m totally joining this sewalong. Need a new dress for a wedding in September with a maritime theme and a navy and white Rooibos seems like the perfect choice. Can’t wait to start!


I received my pattern on Saturday – wow, it came so FAST! Not only is the dress amazing, but so is the pattern construction. I love how the directions are sewn into the cover, and the tissue is neatly packed in its own pocket. Class act! Now I’m more excited than ever to do this sew-along. Of course, I got back to work this week (I’m a teacher who has loved every second of the past 9 weeks!) so I won’t have as much time to play with my fabric, but I think the Rooibos is just what I need to keep my sewing inspiration up and give me a break from work. Let’s get at it!

I’m going to join this sewalong. I ordered my pattern today and I’m hoping to get the fabric by the end of this week.

I am working from home today and just checked the mail…Yah, just received my pattern!! Perfect timing. This is my first Collette pattern purchase and I have to say I am blown away. What lovely packaging and clearly laid out instructions. I look forward to working with the pattern and staying the course on my first sew along!!


j’ai déjà cousu le modèle ‘parfait’ et je vais me faire une ‘rooibos’ pour l’hiver…
j’adore vos modèles !!!