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My completed dress!

I’m excited to show you my completed Rooibos! I really love this combination of fabrics. The tiny floral works so beautifully with the subtle texture of the chambray.

Pretty cute, huh?

Also, these may be the last photos you see of me with long hair! I’m getting it cut today. I may in fact be getting it cut off while you read this. I’m super excited. I’ve enjoyed having very long hair, but I am totally ready for a change.

The Rooibos Sewalong

  1. Announcing the Rooibos Sewalong! (42 Comments)
  2. Design details and inspiration (17 Comments)
  3. Choosing Fabric and Interfacing (20 Comments)
  4. My fabric choice (15 Comments)
  5. Making Your Muslin (19 Comments)
  6. Rooibos Full Bust Adjustment (17 Comments)
  7. Rooibos Small Bust Adjustment (11 Comments)
  8. Grading for larger hips (5 Comments)
  9. Curved seams and finishes (21 Comments)
  10. All-in-one facing and piping (15 Comments)
  11. Sewing the pockets (9 Comments)
  12. Finishing and Hemming (5 Comments)
  13. My completed dress! (29 Comments)
  14. Your Rooibos projects (5 Comments)


The warm colour and the delicate contrasting print really do the flattering design justice.

I can’t wait to try and make one for myself…

Gail Ann Thompson

In February I donated an 11″ long (mostly grey) braid to Locks of Love. I will tell you that I really missed being able to pull my hair back into a pony-tail or bun. It grows FAST, and is back down on my shoulders now.

No more buns for me, but I can still pull it into a short ponytail it seems. It’s so nice not to have it on my neck!

Great dress – very exciting to have a new hairstyle!

Beautiful! A lovely combination of fabrics. My sewalong progress has stalled but am hoping to catch up this weekend using your great posts.

Hope you like your new haircut – I like the idea of long hair but I’m a bob girl at heart!

I’ve had short hair most of my life, and this is only the second time I’ve grown it this long! I really like the long hair, but it was time for a change.

The dress looks great – the little print really works well with the other fabric. I’m curious to see how you look when you’re back from hair dresser. I had long hair since I was a kid but then fancied a change last October and went for a bob – it really made a difference.

I love bobs! The best haircuts I’ve had have always been bobs.

Wow! looks great. I still need to get on the ball with mine. I fail at all sew alongs, however, the thing I love is that you can go back in time on blogs. It works perfect for the slacker in me. Your hair is beautiful, but I can understand wanting to cut it. That’s always how I feel when mine gets long.

It looks much healthier now that it’s short. I think mostly I was tired of the raggedy ends that no amount of trimming seemed to keep up with.

This is so lovely on you, I am almost done with mine! The combo of fabrics really pops! Such a smart color and it flatters you well!

it is perfect! love the color/texture combination :)

i’m still working on mine, just lagging behind per usual! hopefully i’ll have something to share on monday! hopefully!

and omg can’t wait to see your new hairsssss :D


Only one word: Stunning!


Yours looks gorgeous – that shade really suits your colouring. Am currently making my third Rooibos – I’ve had the pattern ages and finally gave it a go the other week after seeing the sewalong posts. Regretting not using it sooner – I love this dress, the pockets are genius. I’ll definitely be making more as it has such potential for colder weather. (btw, I LOVE those shoes!)

Thanks, they are my favorite summer shoes right now!

Wow! What a fantastic dress! The colours are fantastic on you – gorgeous! I love your orange shoes, too!

I’m curious to see your new hairstyle! Your dress is lovely, the color is great on you :)

I’m glad everyone seems to think so! Warm pink is my favorite color to wear.


It looks great!! I really love the colors on you. This is just such a great dress all around. The (finally!) summer weather pulled me away for a few days, but my dress should be done Monday-ish. And hooray for cutting off all your hair! It’s always so satisfying. I’m actually growing my hair long now JUST so that I can have the satisfaction of cutting it off in about a year. Well, not “just”…but you know what I mean.

Funny! It is awfully satisfying to see all that hair on the hairdresser’s floor, for some reason. Change feels good.

I can’t wait to see your new haircut! And goodness, the dress looks so pretty. =D

Wow! I can’t believe how fast your hair grew. I love it long, but you wear short hair so well. I can’t wait to see the new cut!

Lovely :-) great colour choice! Nothing like a good haircut to make you feel all brand new. I myself am a serial grower – outer/ chopper off-er lol . Cant wait to see what style you’ve chosen :-)


Just love the dress!
It has a wonderful fit as well.
Great Job!
Congrats on you getting your hair cut. Don’t forget to post new do.
I wish had I the time to go get mine cut off. In this Southern Oregon heat I have to wear it up all the time. I’d love to get a bob!
Thanks for the tutorial on the dress. Look forward to your new book.

I’ve been waiting with anticipation to see your finished dress as I really liked your fabric choice and it’s such a pretty pattern. You haven’t disappointed me, it’s fantastic! The colour really suits you. I’m lagging behind with the sewalong. I got stuck with the muslin but I ‘will’ finish it before Spring is over. hehehe!

Can’t wait to see your new hairstyle. Me, I’m a long hair person I could never bring myself to cut it off.


i love this dress! i love the added detail of the floral print. i also love your site and have learned much from it. thank you! i will be getting your book and spreadin’ the word :)


The dress is gorgeous on you. The floral print is such a lovely touch. Very excited to see your new haircut.

The color is perfect for you, and I love the tiny floral. As much as I love this pattern in wool as a fall dress, this one has convinced me that it makes a great summery version too!