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My fabric choice

Since Caitlin just covered some possible fabric choices for the Rooibos today, I thought I’d chime in with the fabric I’ll be using as we go through the sewalong!

My main fabric is a strawberry-colored chambray. I just love the color, and I think the chambray will be a nice, casual choice. For the contrast, I chose the very small scale floral cotton shirting above. I plan to make some matching piping too.

Can’t wait to get started!

On Monday, we’re going to be making our muslins, and on Tuesday I’ll be covering some possible pattern alterations for fitting.

The Rooibos Sewalong

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Gail Ann Thompson

My new favorite colour!!1

I know, I love it too! It’s sort of red, but with the chambray weave, it looks pink/red. And I love pink.

Such a good color! I cannot decide what fabric I want to choose, but I decided the perfect material is not in my rather large stock of fabrics so I get to get lost in the fabric store this weekend!

Heh, a perfect excuse!

I need to do some stash busting projects myself after this. :)


wow, I love that chambray! Can you share where you got it?

I bought it at a local shop here called Mill End. They have a great selection.

It’s not the same, but I saw that Denver Fabrics has a fuschia chambray that’s very inexpensive!

so pretty! and i love the floral contrast you chose!

i’m off to the fabric store this weekend to find a suitable plaid for my contrast :) so excited!

Lovely combination, very soft and pretty. I’m hoping to buy my fabric this week and am open to ideas – I was thinking about something more appropriate for Autumn but I’m tempted to do something summery first.

I was wondering if you would be making a muslin, so thanks for clearing that up. Looking forward to getting started!

Love the fabric choice.

puppyloveprincess |

oh! i just love that fabric. i can even imagine it SMELLING just like strawberries. sooo pretty!


Sarai your fabric choice is gorgeous! I have a quick question re: this pattern. I’m waiting for my pattern to come in the mail to participate in the sew-along, and I was reading Caitlin’s post about using a light wool, but to consider lining it. Does the contrast fabric piece of the pattern lend itself during construction to becoming a full bodice lining? If yes, this might help dictate what to choose as a contrast fabric to wool. I had been thinking of a creamy silk as a contrast to a black or charcoal gabardine, but as a full bodice and skirt lining, creamy silk could get expensive. I might opt for something a bit cheaper if it could be a full bodice lining.

I think it would be pretty easy to convert the facing to a full bodice lining, since it’s an all-in-one facing. I don’t see why that would be a problem at all.

Great fabric choice! I am having a little difficulty narrowing my choices. Perhaps I shall make a couple – Summer and Fall!! I have some wool suiting with a pin stripe – from your experience, would the pattern work well with a striped fabric? I am curious to learn how you came to choose the name Rooibos for this particular pattern. I am a big tea drinker, so the name of the pattern immediately drew my interest. What inspired your pattern names?Just curious…

Hi Jaq! First, I think a subtle stripe like a pinstripe could work, but there are a lot of seams, plus the curved seam of the midriff, so stripe matching would be near impossible. If I were doing stripes, I might make it fun by cutting the midriff piece on the crossgrain, so the stripes there run across the body.

As for the name, I just name the pattern after things that are edible / drinkable! That whole collection was named after various types of tea (ceylon, oolong, sencha, rooibos, lady grey). I love tea!

Mary B

I ‘smiled’ out loud when I saw your fabric choice. I made a version of Macaroon in the same floral print (top) with a similar shade of tomato soup linen/cotton for the bottom. One of my favorite summer dresses this year! Can’t wait to see how the combination comes out in this pattern!