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Your Rooibos projects

Wow! What a fun collection of Rooibos dresses y’all have made. Way to go everybody! I know many of you are still working on your dresses, so here are just a few completed ones.


What’s Up Cupcake?


Thanks so much for joining the sewalong and for all your feedback on the posts. Fitting is difficult to tackle and although we can’t answer every question, we are trying our best to cover the common issues. I’m looking forward to seeing all your lovely creations! Please post your finished Rooibos dresses in the Flickr group so we can all see what you’ve made.

The Rooibos Sewalong

  1. Announcing the Rooibos Sewalong! (42 Comments)
  2. Design details and inspiration (17 Comments)
  3. Choosing Fabric and Interfacing (20 Comments)
  4. My fabric choice (15 Comments)
  5. Making Your Muslin (19 Comments)
  6. Rooibos Full Bust Adjustment (17 Comments)
  7. Rooibos Small Bust Adjustment (11 Comments)
  8. Grading for larger hips (5 Comments)
  9. Curved seams and finishes (21 Comments)
  10. All-in-one facing and piping (15 Comments)
  11. Sewing the pockets (9 Comments)
  12. Finishing and Hemming (5 Comments)
  13. My completed dress! (29 Comments)
  14. Your Rooibos projects (5 Comments)


Gail Ann Thompson

Love them!!
You’ve all done such a really good job!
You make the dresses look beautiful!

These look wonderful!! I especially like What’s Up Cupcakes; Gray makes me nervous and it is nice to see an example of it done so well. I totally feel behind with the sew-a-long (it has been a crazy month!) But I am almost done!

Seraphinalina |

How inspiring! I’ve had a few things get between me and Rooibos, but this is a reminder of why I wanted to participate. They all look great!

Carol Carrier

Fabulous to see FINISHED! Hope I’ll join you soon

Jo Alcindor

All of you look so fabulous, it’s such a flattering dress on a range of figures. I now have to give it a try myself.