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How to share your finished Aster

We accidentally published this as a blank post earlier, apologies!

We hope you guys have enjoyed the Aster Sewalong! Haley and I would absolutely love to see what you’ve made!

Here are a few ways you can share:

  • Upload your photos to Flickr, then add them to the Colette Patterns photo pool! Be sure to add the tag “aster,” and your photo will also show up on the gallery of the Aster page in our shop.
  • Upload to Instagram. Mention @colettepatterns and use the hashtag #sewingaster to show off to others.
  • Upload to your blog or any other service and add a link in the comments!

We’ll round up our favorites here on the site and share some of them on social media too. We can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

The Aster Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Aster Sewalong! (16 Comments)
  2. Gather fabric and supplies (49 Comments)
  3. Cutting and fitting guidelines (50 Comments)
  4. Bust adjustments (114 Comments)
  5. Staystitching and Interfacing (10 Comments)
  6. Bust darts and shoulder pleats (12 Comments)
  7. Sewing the yoke (33 Comments)
  8. Sewing the side seams, neckline, and placket (36 Comments)
  9. Sewing and setting the sleeves: Version 1 + 3 (6 Comments)
  10. Sewing and setting the sleeves: Version 2 (5 Comments)
  11. Hem and finish! (5 Comments)
  12. How to share your finished Aster (24 Comments)
  13. Your finished Asters! (8 Comments)



I have sewn my bust darts but they look slightly pointed at the bust point. Is there anything I can do to make them look more subtle?

I’ve been trying to see how other Aster darts look when finished but can’t find a close up photo.

Hope you can help. Thanks

For pointy darts, the easiest fix is to slightly curve your stitching as you approach the tip of the dart. So instead of a straight line forming a wedge shape, the stitching line is slightly curved and tapers at the end. This makes the point more gradual, and also conforms to the curve of the bust rather nicely.


Many thanks.


I am not finished with my Aster yet but I have really enjoyed the sewalong. Sometimes I have a hard time following the typical printed pattern directions. I got a lot more out of your directions with the photos. I have been sewing for many years but felt like I really learned a lot.

That is great to hear, Tracy!


I have finished my Aster using the swelling to supplement the printed instructions. Been a great journey. Thank-you for your efforts in putting it all together.


I finished my two versions of Aster blouse yesterday evening. Thank you for this sewalong !


Thanks for the sewalong–I found a lot of useful tips! Looking forward to seeing some finished projects.


Thanks for a great sewalong. I successfully completed my first sleeves and buttonholes.

Carol Ann

I almost gave up but I finished my Aster blouse! Thank you for the detailed instructions!


I’ve finished my Aster top and I’ve worn it to a friends birthday party! I’m already planning out other versions for fall! I haven’t made that many shirt style tops and your directions really helped!

Thank you sarai and Haley for this wonderful sewalong. Aster finished and published!!

Fraulein Nina |

Thank you so much for a really fun sew along! And a hip, hip hooray for my first time attempting the elusive full bust adjustment.


Here’s my new Aster top! I’m already planning to do a pleated front, long sleeve version in voile!
Thanks for the Sew along!


Alice Elliot

I’ve finished my 2nd Aster except for the buttons and buttonholes. I can’t find the right buttons yet. Maybe I’ll send a photo without. I love my first one, with long sleeves. Thanks for the terrific tutorial for the sleeve vent. Came out perfect!


I don’t have a blog, Flikr, or Instagram. I would like to show my finished Aster so is Facebook a relevant way to do this?

Been a lovely pattern to sew. Will definitely use it again. Thank- you.

Yep, you can do that too!


I’ve raised the shoulder seam on my Aster.One shoulder slightly more than the other.

This means I have a few more gathers on one of the sleeves! How can I correct this?

Many thanks


You would need to raise the sleeve cap on that sleeve. Slash horizontally along the sleeve cap and raise the top the same amount that you raised the shoulder. Then redraw the curve to the sleeve cap.


Many thanks.I understand.



I have loved this sewalong, but have been slowed by a busy schedule. How long will we have access to the Aster tips and pointers here?

Many, many thanks for doing this! I have learned SO much!

It’ll be here indefinitely!

Toni |

Just uploaded my Aster (with Mabel skirt) to my blog. Thank you for the sew along!!

Thanks for the sewalong! Love how everything was clear and easy to follow.