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Welcome to the Aster Sewalong!


We’re so glad to have you join us for the Aster sewalong! Together, we’ll be making all three versions of this lovely collarless blouse.

If you don’t have your own copy of the pattern yet, you can pick it up in the Colette Patterns shop, or from one of our many stockists.

Your teachers

This sewalong will be co-taught by two of the ladies from Colette Patterns: me (Sarai) and Haley. You can read more about us on our blog.

I’m the founder of Colette Patterns, and I’ll be making version 2 of the blouse (the one with long sleeves). Haley is a professional sewing teacher, writer, and the managing editor of Seamwork magazine. She’ll be walking through the short sleeve and flutter sleeve versions.

How it works

Our sewalongs are simple. We’ll publish a series of posts detailing each step in the process of fitting and sewing your pattern. You can sew along with us, ask questions, and share your techniques and advice with others.

Feel free to leave comments here on the blog, or join our Sewalongs Facebook group to post thoughts, questions, and photos. We try our best to answer as many questions as possible, but encourage you to jump in and help each other out as well.

What’s covered

We’ll start this week with a discussion of fabric and supplies tomorrow.

Next week, we’ll talk about cutting and fitting, including bust adjustments.

The week after that, we’ll begin the two week long sewing process, with posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The sewalong concludes on August 7th with a chance to show off your makes.

Please note: The Aster pattern contains errata, which should be noted in an insert with your pattern. If you did not receive the insert, see our errata page for the details.

The Aster Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Aster Sewalong! (16 Comments)
  2. Gather fabric and supplies (49 Comments)
  3. Cutting and fitting guidelines (50 Comments)
  4. Bust adjustments (114 Comments)
  5. Staystitching and Interfacing (10 Comments)
  6. Bust darts and shoulder pleats (12 Comments)
  7. Sewing the yoke (33 Comments)
  8. Sewing the side seams, neckline, and placket (36 Comments)
  9. Sewing and setting the sleeves: Version 1 + 3 (6 Comments)
  10. Sewing and setting the sleeves: Version 2 (5 Comments)
  11. Hem and finish! (5 Comments)
  12. How to share your finished Aster (24 Comments)
  13. Your finished Asters! (8 Comments)



I thought the sewalong was starting today. Is it going to be video or just posting e-mail?

The schedule for the sewalong is just above. Today is the introduction, tomorrow we’ll discuss fabric and supplies, etc.

Take a look at our previous sewalongs to get a feel for what they’re like. They consist of photo tutorials with in depth instructions, plus the ability to discuss and ask questions.


So excited for this sew along! Hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow so I can go buy some fabric and buttons!


Hi, Will your sew-along be up and this site for a while? I have to buy the pattern and I will be a week or so behind your course. Is it still ok to join you?

Yes, definitely! The sewalongs remain up on this site forever.


This will be fun! I am really looking forward to this sew-along! I have the pattern. Now, I have to find the fabric and buttons.

Lorraine Ferre

Ive just bought the pattern and am making a muslin, thought I would tack together so check the size but had problems with the yoke and front. Have only found out via googling that I have a copy of the pattern with problems. In future sewalongs please put this onto the intro so that we know that we need to go and look at the errata and in my case print a whole new front. Not happy after buying the paper pattern.

Haley Glenn

Thank you for your feed back. Moving forward we are working on solutions to this issue. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

You are totally right Lorraine, I will add a note. We sent out an email directly to folks who bought the pattern from us and put notes in the pattern as soon as we discovered it, but unfortunately did not reach everyone. I should have thought to include it in the sewalong intro as well.


Hi Sarai,
Did the pdf pattern has the same problem as the paper one ? I’m sewing a muslin and as I’m following the instructions, it doesn’t work …
I think I gonna use my seam ripper tonight and perhaps wait for the 31 st of july to understand that tricky step ;-)

If you bought the pattern before the mistake was corrected and downloaded it, then yes. You can always download a fresh copy of the pattern from your account on our site, but there is also an explanation of the errata here on our errata page:

Hope that helps. :)


Thank you Sarai for your fast answer ! I will look at the errata page for the next time. For the muslin, I’ve already solved the problem :-)


Looking forward to making the Aster. Being a new sewer I am wondering if digital patterns could eventually be selected to print according to your size and and include any other necessary alterations?? Or could your size be colour coded on printout for easier cutting???

Both good ideas! Color is tricky, because some people don’t like to waste color ink. One advantage of printing all the sizes is also that you can grade between sizes (for example, if you are a 8 in the waist and 12 in the hips).


I just ordered this pattern a couple of days ago so I am going to join in. I have several great fabrics and just ordered several more so now I have to choose….