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Your finished Asters!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Aster sewalong! I hope you had as much fun joining us as we had admiring your gorgeous makes. We have always thought Aster to be a versatile wardrobe staple, but you ladies have proven this twice over with an amazing range of Asters.


@labistrake shared her finished Aster on Instagram, we love the Liberty cuff!


Lisa @lisavice.jpg shared her finished Aster on Instagram, how versatile is this solid Aster?


Nekane @nekanetitarea shared her finished Aster on Instagram, that heart fabric is so cute!


Susan knows that you can’t go wrong a lovely chambray.

Nina looks stunning in her Aster!

Katharina is sweet as pie in her raspberry printed Aster.


Melissa some how managed to make her own wedding dress AND an Aster.

Paula’s floral Aster is what dreams are made of!


That wraps up the Aster sewalong. Thank you to all to participate!

The Aster Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Aster Sewalong! (16 Comments)
  2. Gather fabric and supplies (49 Comments)
  3. Cutting and fitting guidelines (50 Comments)
  4. Bust adjustments (114 Comments)
  5. Staystitching and Interfacing (10 Comments)
  6. Bust darts and shoulder pleats (12 Comments)
  7. Sewing the yoke (33 Comments)
  8. Sewing the side seams, neckline, and placket (36 Comments)
  9. Sewing and setting the sleeves: Version 1 + 3 (6 Comments)
  10. Sewing and setting the sleeves: Version 2 (5 Comments)
  11. Hem and finish! (5 Comments)
  12. How to share your finished Aster (24 Comments)
  13. Your finished Asters! (8 Comments)


Thank you for sharing my finished Aster! I enjoyed the sew-a-long and love seeing what everyone else made! I’m looking forward to making another version now! Thanks for the inspiration!


Thank you for sharing my striped Aster ! It’s really inspiring to see what everyone else made !
Thank you for this sewalong !


Was adjusting the shoulder width covered? I haven’t made mine yet but now I see that some shoulders seem narrow and bra straps show. Was this alteration addressed on the sewalong? Making the shoulder a little wider.


Yes, I made a muslin- so cute, with a plaid, including bias cut yoke, but the neck was so huge I had to scrap it before finishing. I recut my new one at the smallest size in the shoulders (but the bust/hips/waist needed to be larger than the smallest size) but have not finished it yet. It would be good to know how to do a narrow shoulder adjustment on thsi pattern. Thanks much- the pattern is so cute and a very flattering line.


These are so lovely! I wish I had gotten a photo of mine in. but when I realized I had borked up the pattern (first time sewing with one, really), I go bummed out and stopped just short of submitting it on time. :( Love these so much! Lots of inspiration to try again now. :D

Linda Michelau

I’ve got to make a long sleeved version!!


It’s been a great sewalong. Thank you for your time and effort.

Piper |

You ladies are fabulous! Looking at your Asters has made my morning. Does anyone else daydream about sewing?