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Your Phoebes!

Today it’s time for the best part – showing off and checking out everyone’s Phoebes! Here are a few from Instagram and Flickr:

How amazing is this bunny Phoebe from @sewists?!


Um, is this an Anthropologie catalog? Or just the cutest Phoebe ever from @antoinettemcnulty?


Loving the buttons on this navy version from Melanie Weaver:


A super cute orange plaid Phoebe from @nekanetitarea:


Here’s a chic navy rendition by @lesley_lucas_bham:


Navy was a popular choice…could this version from @shellyspidel be any more adorable?


A classic gray Phoebe from @nachtnebelknits:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.14.05 PM

Cute Phoebe piping action from @besabelle!


An awesome printed Phoebe from @sarahscustard:


Major heart eyes for the pocket details that @sewingblue added!


We love all of your Phoebes! Even though the sewalong is over, you can still continue to share your finished makes using #colettepatterns and #phoebedress.

Hope you enjoyed the sewalong, see you next time!

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