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Your Finished Dahlias!

Drumroll, please…

And now for the best part of the sewalong, a parade of some finished Dahlias from the Colette Patterns Flickr Pool!

Above each photo is a link to that picture in the pool, so if you’d like to see more pictures or get more information (some have blog posts) then be sure to click through.

It seems like a lot of you drew inspiration from the sample photos, because you were really feeling the plaid!

Pretty purple and green from Rachel Man


A blue number from sleeptillseven


Love the bias cut center panels from norasroom


A cozy rendition from Lilly Warner


Very festive layers from Valeria Breveglieri


A black wool flannel version from chloeti


Cute color blocking from Scootchover


A subtle gray stripe from annettejong


Is that gold bias tape I see from Tanya??


A pretty textured white Dahlia from uncia28


Love these lengthened sleeves from Sylvia CW


Adorable polka dots from Rose Black


And lastly, usually I wouldn’t include a photo of myself, but as of last night no one else had posted a Version 2 in the Flickr Pool, so I thought I’d include mine so Version 2 didn’t feel left out. Plus now you get to see what all that seersucker became:


That’ll do it for the Dahlia sewalong! I hope everyone learned a little something and had a lot of fun. Happy sewing!

The Dahlia Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Dahlia Sewalong! (48 Comments)
  2. Gather Fabric and Supplies (103 Comments)
  3. General Fit and Cutting (77 Comments)
  4. Raglan Seam Bust Adjustments (49 Comments)
  5. Staystitch, Darts and Bodice Gathers (7 Comments)
  6. Shoulder Seams, Side Seams and Yoke (27 Comments)
  7. Sew and Attach Skirt – V1 (4 Comments)
  8. Sew and Attach Skirt – V2
  9. Install Zipper (16 Comments)
  10. Finish Sleeves and Neckline – V1 (7 Comments)
  11. Neckline and Straps – V2 (4 Comments)
  12. Hem and Finish (10 Comments)
  13. Your Finished Dahlias! (15 Comments)


Emma Smith

These look great – I am so hideously behind on mine – but will post as soon as it’s done (hopefully before Christmas!!)

Sadly no finished Dahlia here. Still tweaking my third (!) muslin cause I don’t want to cut my beautiful fabric before tackling all fit issues in shoulders and sleeves. But I’m determined to get there!


Lovely, will have to make one!


What a lovely line up of Dahlia’s and how everyone has interpreted the pattern and made it their own by the variety of fabric’s used!!! Impressed and inspired!!!

I did finish my Version 2 Dahlia in time (after much alteration of the bodice pattern AND quite a bit of fiddling on the finished dress – the bodice again – because I was too optimistic and maybe too lazy to sew a second muslin) but it was too late for taking and uploading pictures…
It looks really good though and I’d like to thank you an awful lot, Devon, for your fantastic explanations and really useful tips (especially, guess what, the adjustment bits). Without you I’d have ended with an unwearable rag from the yoke up ;). So again, THANKS !

Thank you so much for the SAL : it was my first and I loved how it kept me motivated all along!!

Wow! These all looks so lovely. It’s cool to see all the different fabric choices! I’m so happy to have been included. This was also my first sewalong and what a great experience. I learned so much and deadlines are good ;) Thanks again for hosting Devon!

Whoops, put the wrong website in that one!


hi Devon, just incase you are still reading this… for my next Dahlia I would like to have a narrower neckline. you say in your post “I also removed a 1/2″ wedge from the center back at the neckline, blending to nothing at the bottom.”
how did you handle the changed grainline then – as the back is cut on fold? aside from moving the darts, did you work somehow on the sides as well? thanks and again excellent sew-along! hope the next one will be coming up soon :-)


Lovely Dahlias everyone! Mine turned out ok, but next time I am going to make a much smaller top with a FBA. I think that will correct my own fit issues. It’s still wearable though!


Lovely Dahlias! Each and every one, lots of inspiration! Thank you! and a special thanks to Devon for hosting and doing a spectacular job!

What a fantastic collection of Dahlias. I was thrilled to see mine included. I love the colour and shape of it, but have to admit to a few problems getting the neckline fit right, despite making a toile – pesky soft brushed cotton shirting!! She will be the first of many. Thanks for creating a fabulous pattern & sewalong.

Mary Kay

Thank you, Devon, for inspiring me to spend lots more time on fitting than I usually do. No pix to share, but the result is a Dahlia in a black ponte (using the top version 1 and skirt version 2), and there was just enough stretch not to need a zipper. The dress has already traveled to the U.K. and will be a staple in my suitcase whenever I travel from now on.

Then, I decided I liked it so much, I completely took apart the “muslin” made from a similar brown knit, recut the bodice with an improved FBA, and now have two great dresses and a much more refined sense of how to make precise fitting adjustments.

Now if you could just tell me how to get a couple more hours in each day…

Those are so lovely! I am very inspired!! Now to find some time to make something for me…I’m rooting for after the holidays.

Thank you for sharing!