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Beautiful Albions and the winner of the Bernina 380!


We had one of the most amazing selections of projects ever in our Albion sewalong and contest. I was blown away by the care and detail that went into every single project.

I also loved how supportive the groups was, thanks to our new sewalongs site and facebook group. It was so fun to see people actually sewing along together, asking and answering questions, and cheering each other on.

1st Prize







After an in-group vote, first prize went to the beautiful alpaca coat created by Lady ID of the blog Peppermint and Paisley!

Lady ID won the beautiful Bernina 380 sewing machine, generously provided for us by Bernina USA. I know she’s going to get a lot of exquisite sewing done on her new machine!


2nd prizes

We had two second prizes for the contest.









Margaret E won with her inventive and detailed jacket, made in Italian denim. She modeled it after a fancy schmancy jacket that had shrunk (boo!), replaced the toggles with a zipper, and added tons of cool details.








Anneke also won a second place prize! She slimmed down her Albion to make it a little more feminine and added that cool pleated detail at the back. Beautiful job!

A few more Albion beauties

You can see all of the Albions in the contest here, but I can’t help posting just a few more photos. These are chosen just to show you the wide variety of ideas and variations… I really can’t choose favorites, they’re all so different.


Emily P’s furry hood


Laura L’s swiss army jacket


Mary N’s embroidered Albion



Jane C made a whole family of Albions!


Ping’s striped jacket


Rebecca R’s denim and flannel jacket

And there are so many more! Check out the rest and get inspired here. And even if you didn’t participate, you can always do the sewalong at your own pace any time.

The Albion Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Albion Sewalong & Contest (5 Comments)
  2. Gather fabric and supplies (49 Comments)
  3. How to fit and adjust your pattern (17 Comments)
  4. Adjusting for wide or narrow shoulders (5 Comments)
  5. Adjusting for arm or body length
  6. Adjustments for women: Giving waist definition (3 Comments)
  7. Adjustments for women: smaller arms (5 Comments)
  8. Adjustments for women: Full bust
  9. Cutting, Interlining, Interfacing, & Staystitching (8 Comments)
  10. Coat (v1): Creating patch pockets (2 Comments)
  11. Creating the yokes (1 Comment)
  12. In-seam pockets and side seams (10 Comments)
  13. Making the hood (2 Comments)
  14. Customization: drawstring hood (2 Comments)
  15. Creating sleeves (6 Comments)
  16. Coat (v1): Body and sleeve lining (4 Comments)
  17. Installing the center front facing (4 Comments)
  18. Customization: Adding a zipper (3 Comments)
  19. Customization: Add a drawstring waist (4 Comments)
  20. Coat (v1): Installing the lining (4 Comments)
  21. Finishing, hemming, and closures (5 Comments)
  22. Customization: Make your own toggles (3 Comments)
  23. How to enter your finished project into the Albion contest (25 Comments)
  24. Beautiful Albions and the winner of the Bernina 380! (26 Comments)


Congrats to all! These jackets are gorgeous!!! :)

What a thrill for you to see your own designs made up by so many, and so beautifully.


AMAZING makes!!! congrats to all the winners…Well deserved!!


Wow! I’m so impressed and inspired! What wonderful work!

cathy |

Congrats! All so beautiful!

There are so many unique and amazing Albion jackets here. I have a lot of new ideas for future Albions. I didn’t finish mine on time to enter the contest but I still feel like I accomplished a lot making this jacket. Thanks for having the sew along!


Sarai, all of the Albions are so very pretty. I admire people that have the knowledge and skill to sew. A wonderful assortment.

Wow! They all look AMAZING!!


Congrats to all the winners! There were so many to choose from it was hard to narrow it down to just 5 while voting! Everyone did a GREAT job! =)


meganleiann |

Stunning! I had only planned on making this for my husband, but now I want one of each! Congratulations to Lady ID on a well-deserved win!


Wow, they are all gorgeous. Congrats to the winners! I’m in awe of the sewing skills on display!

Diane @ Vintage Zest |

So many beautiful Albions! Also, amazing models and photographers, right? They could all be in a catalog!

Wow! Lady ID totally rocked the Albion. Those are some class finishing skills on that jacket! Nicely put together, lovely contrasting lining, and yeah, mad finishing skills. Congratulations!!

Thanks Adri!!!

Really fantastic coats! The winners made amazing versions. Congratulations everyone!


They ARE all amazing! Inspiring work! The welt pockets on Lady ID’s Albion are. simply. out. of. this. world.

My very favorite coat is Margaret E’s. I would love to be able to sew something like that when I grow up! :)

Fantastic … so beautiful and inspiring … !!!!

Alice Elliot

Congratulations to Lady ID, fabulous details!! All the jackets are made so well with great imagination and attention to detail.

Wow! These jackets are all so beautiful!! I love Jane’s family jackets…so cute! Congrats to the Bernina winner. I still have my Bernina that I bought when first married in 1973! Oh my goodness…it’s 40!! Love your blog:))

fangaroni |

Wow what amazing entries! Congrats to the winner and her leather welt pockets!!! The family of Albion jackets is so cute!

Wow. So impressed by all of these. Lady ID’s construction is off the hook!

Posts like this keep me inspired to keep sewing — thanks to everyone for sharing their beautiful work!

Thanks Jacqui. The challenges of that fabric were worth it!


Wow Wow. So many talented sewers. But the two first – Lady ID and Margaret E – blow me away. Amazing quality, fitting, finish, everything! Also love love the yellow lining of the Lady ID coat.

Wonderful creations, so inspiring!
Congratulations to the winners.

Love the Albion Coats! And thank you for the link to Fehr Trade patterns – I’m in my late 60’s and not a twig like most of the models in this blog but Fehr Trade shows her patterns on “more substantial” models that tell me how/whether the pattern would work on me.

These are amazing and the pattern is so versatile. Congratulations to the winners and participants.