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How to enter your finished project into the Albion contest

UPDATE: Voting has ended and been tallied! The winners are Lady ID (first prize), Margaret E (second prize), and Anneke C (also second prize). Congratulations to everyone!

Thanks so much for joining us in the Albion sewalong!

Once you’ve completed your Albion, you can enter it for a win a Bernina 380 sewing machine (if you are in the US), or other prizes! Click here to read prize details.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Upload your photos to Flickr. You can add any details you want into the description, and a link to more information (like a blog post) if you’d like to.
  2. Add your photos to the Colette Patterns Flickr pool and add the tag “Albion.”
  3. Fill out our form to complete your entry by March 9th at midnight PST. Click here to fill out the form. The form will ask for a link to your uploaded picture, as well as your contact info. Providing your contact information will allow you to participate in the voting in two weeks.

Remember that only those who enter will have a chance to vote. This is intended to keep voting more fair (so it’s more about what you made, not how many people you can rustle up to vote for you!)

Voting will begin March 12, and you must enter by March 9th at midnight PST, so you still have over 2 weeks to finish your Albion and enter!

Let me know if you have any questions, and again, be sure to check this post to learn more about the fantastic prizes.

The Albion Sewalong

  1. Welcome to the Albion Sewalong & Contest (5 Comments)
  2. Gather fabric and supplies (49 Comments)
  3. How to fit and adjust your pattern (17 Comments)
  4. Adjusting for wide or narrow shoulders (5 Comments)
  5. Adjusting for arm or body length
  6. Adjustments for women: Giving waist definition (3 Comments)
  7. Adjustments for women: smaller arms (5 Comments)
  8. Adjustments for women: Full bust
  9. Cutting, Interlining, Interfacing, & Staystitching (8 Comments)
  10. Coat (v1): Creating patch pockets (2 Comments)
  11. Creating the yokes (1 Comment)
  12. In-seam pockets and side seams (10 Comments)
  13. Making the hood (2 Comments)
  14. Customization: drawstring hood (2 Comments)
  15. Creating sleeves (6 Comments)
  16. Coat (v1): Body and sleeve lining (4 Comments)
  17. Installing the center front facing (4 Comments)
  18. Customization: Adding a zipper (3 Comments)
  19. Customization: Add a drawstring waist (4 Comments)
  20. Coat (v1): Installing the lining (4 Comments)
  21. Finishing, hemming, and closures (5 Comments)
  22. Customization: Make your own toggles (3 Comments)
  23. How to enter your finished project into the Albion contest (25 Comments)
  24. Beautiful Albions and the winner of the Bernina 380! (26 Comments)



The link for prize details does not work.

Dante Ruiz

WOOHOO! I am glad we have more time! I NEED it! thanks!

Laura Lee

Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but will there be any confirmation that our entry was successfully submitted? Thanks so much!


In the future, is it possible to find another way to enter contests WITHOUT having to have a flickr account (which requires creating a account)? I’m trying to limit how many accounts I have online, and cancelled my yahoo account ages ago. I almost didn’t enter the contest, because I didn’t want to have to create another account.


you can login to flickr also with google or facebook. yahoo account is not necessary. I don’t have one.


Crap! Sorry – I didn’t see that when I signed up last night. *sigh* I should have asked someone here first. Thanks for the info – I’ll see if I can straighten myself out.

Anne |

I just want to comment on the flickr issue, too.

I finished an Albion for my brother in anticipation of this contest, the pattern is great and we love the jacket.
Now I wanted to register on Flickr, I tried logging in via Google and Facebook but nevertheless, they want me to register on yahoo.
I am definetely not telling a third ‘person’ all my personal data, like my phone number or date of birth. If you log in via Facebook, flickr even wants me to allow posts on my Facebook site. I’m not very picky on data privacy, but I have to say, this stretches a point.

I really like your new sewalong site and was very excited to participate with the jacket. Now I’m very upset.
For future contests, I would love to at least have the possibility to enter my finished garments on other ways, like using Kollabora.

I will keep that in mind. In the past, it’s always been much easier to manage this process if all the photos are in one place, and unfortunately that means some people will likely need to create accounts somewhere.

If you’d like an alternative, you can post photos elsewhere and just enter the URL of the photos when you fill in the entry form. Now that we have the entry form process, we can take submissions hosted elsewhere.

I do prefer people post in the Flickr group, but if that’s not an option, there’s no reason you shouldn’t still be able to enter.

Anne |

Thanks very much for this possibilty. I just don’t want to spread my real life data all around the web, but still want to participate in the great online sewing community.


I made more than one so my question is should I enter them together or separate or choose just one? Thank you.

Hi Deb! Please enter them separately. You can just fill out the form twice. :)

Dante Ruiz |

The form to enter asks for the URL. What exactly is this? Is it my blog/domain name: I already placed my Albion coat photos in the colette patterns flicker pool but do not see any URL?

It is the URL (website address) where we can view your photo. Otherwise I will not know which photo is yours.

Dante Ruiz |

I filled out the form and uploaded photos to the Colette Pattern flicker pool. I am nervous. Did I do everything right? thanks

Onyx NAdra

I put in two url’s. I hope that’s not confusing. One is a set the other is one picture in the group.

Gillian Langor

Hey Sarai,
I uploaded my photos to Flickr yesterday and then added them to the Colette patterns groups, however I can only see them when I am logged in. They don’t appear in the group when I try and seen them in a logged out state. Is that ok? Is there a layer of group administrative rights that prevent the photos from showing up? Did I do something wrong?

I don’t know why your photo isn’t showing up to non logged in folks browsing the pool. It won’t affect voting, though. I’ll be gathering up all the URLs sent in, and it seems like even someone who isn’t logged in can view your photos, they just aren’t showing in the group stream.

Dante Ruiz |

How and when do we vote? I thought it was today? AHHH! I am so excited!!

I was just thinking the same thing! I can’t wait to see all of the entries all together!

Jane |

I’m so excited as well! Can’t hardly wait!

I’ll be sending an email out this afternoon to all who entered with voting instructions.

ETA: The links to vote and instructions were just sent out! If you don’t receive them within the next hour or so, please check your spam folders (and the promotions tab in gmail).


CONGRATULATIONS to Lady ID, Margaret E, and Anneke C!! Way to go! =)


Great job ladies/gents and congratulations to the winners! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!


Congratulations! Totally agree on the first place. :)